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Suggest a Professional
Independent Recording Artist

   Are you an independent artist, over the age of 18, who has a web site (, and a legally recorded AFM musicians' union CD?  Do you need traffic/sales to this site, or do you need to have a web site developed?  Is your original material professionally produced in a recording studio?

    If so, and if you would like to be considered for production, promotion, web site hosting, linkages, airplay, CD sales, professional artist management, or any affiliation with us, please fill out the form below.

    Don't have a professional, legal, and AFM musicians' union recorded CD to list on Independent-Artists, to sell CDs through us, and possibly get radio airplay?  Check out the Studio Musicians' Network to find the high quality experienced union studio musicians necessary to have a professional recording, that you can use and be proud of, that just might make you a star and some money also.

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    We are always looking to identify those high quality independent artists; who only need a little money, promotion, exposure, and assistance to help them to be heard and signed as major artists, or to successfully sell CDs, on-line and at live performances.

    All of our independent artists and those we feature are professionals and they have legally recorded their projects, using union musicians, so that they qualify to be played on the radio and other forms of public distribution.  We do not list artists who have not used union musicians, nor will we ever list those artists/products who don't pay royalties on the songs they've recorded that were written and published by others.

    This site and the backbone endeavors in support of it are under development, so stop back often, look at the changes and watch us grow.  We currently have many indie artists writing, working on their materials, and recording in the studios.

     We are carefully selecting independent artists that we have found, but we're always open to listen to others, so if you're an artist, songwriter or a musician with a professional quality product, contact us for never know where it will lead.  Also check out the information and great prices on instruments and equipment at Musician Resources

     All professional artists, musicians, and the projects selected for participation, both in the form of listing on this site and those who are financially sponsored by Independent-Artists and Desktop-Radio, have paid all union studio musicians, other professional organization, and copyright fees.  Projects that have not done so, cannot be considered by us, nor promoted to Desktop-Radio, or played on FCC licensed radio stations.

    We will be hosting clips and web pages for indie artists that we have pre-screened for their quality and professionalism.  We are currently reviewing several very talented artists and bands, so that we will provide you with only the best, rather than hours of searching a database of millions of submissions, as you try to find for more than a "shower-trained" voice and same old song. 

    We are currently considering many indie artists, whether they may be:

pop artists rock artists, classical artists, country artists jazz artists
blues artists, oldies artists,  new artists,  music publishers,  unsigned bands.

    If you are an artist wishing to join other true professionals, or recommend an artist who is, please Suggest and Artist and complete all items on our form. Terms for Affiliation

    For independent label inquiries and publishing companies, with multiple submissions for advertising and strategic alliances, please complete the application form and write:  Terms for Affiliation

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